What We Do

Victims’ Legal Counsel, APC (“VLC Law”) utilizes the American legal system to zealously advocate on behalf of individuals or businesses that suffer, or is still suffering, physical, emotional, and/or financial harm as a result of another’s unlawful acts and/or omissions. VLC Law is highly selective in the cases it chooses to engage, as it is committed to only taking cases that come from the right side both factually and legally. Once retained, VLC Law provides personal attention to all its clients to ensure that case strategy, specifically tailored to each individual matter, is successfully implemented at each step towards case resolution.

↢ Factual Investigation ↣

Together with its clients, Victims’ Legal Counsel, APC (“VLC Law”) conducts factual investigations so that a full analysis can be made regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each case. VLC Law interviews third party witnesses and/or governmental agencies that may have information relevant to the matter at hand. When necessary, VLC Law retains professional investigators for assistance in gathering and/or preserving evidence.

↢ Legal Analysis ↣

Considering the available facts, and as the case develops, VLC Law researches the current state of the law (e.g., statutes, case law, secondary sources, etc.) to perform thorough legal evaluations taking into account not just what the big font giveth, but also what the small font taketh away. Particularized research provides critical advantages in legal disputes because only then can one fully ascertain what facts are important, and to what legal arguments the facts are to be applied. Employing state of the art researching tools, VLC Law scans for up-to-date case law favorable to its clients’ legal positions.

↢ Pre-Litigation Negotiations ↣

Upon completion of its preliminary factual investigations and legal analyses, VLC Law aims to efficiently resolve client disputes by engaging in pre-litigation settlement discussions. Lengthy, drawn-out litigation is rarely beneficial to either party to a dispute. Nonetheless, VLC Law recommends settlement to its clients only when the terms are in their best interest considering the totality of the circumstances.

↢ Commencement of Litigation ↣

When settlement negotiations are, or have become, futile, VLC Law proceeds to the next step of dispute resolution—aggressive litigation. VLC Law carefully assesses whether the case should be initiated in federal or state court, and then examines all the theoretically viable causes of action to be asserted in the formal Complaint as well as all the potential parties to be named therein.

↢ Formal Discovery ↣

One of the main benefits to court action is the ability to utilize the formal discovery process to reveal additional facts, especially information that are only in the opponents’ custody, possession or control. VLC Law subpoenas information from third parties, propounds written discovery to named parties, and conducts the depositions of critical witnesses so that their sworn testimony can be locked-in prior to trial.

↢ Expert Retention ↣

VLC Law has a vast network of professional experts in a myriad of specialty fields (e.g., medical, occupational, industrial, academic, forensic, economics, etc.). Experts provide opinions that are beyond the common experience and require specialized knowledge. Typically, expert opinions are necessary to establish causation, and the extent of one’s damages.

↢ Trial ↣

The procedural culmination of legal disputes is trial, the formal examination and presentation of evidence before the trier of fact who in some cases may be the Judge, and in other cases, may be the Jury. At trial, VLC Law argues its clients’ respective case using the most effective tool for convincing the trier of fact—common sense. At the end of the day, it is common sense and credibility of the witnesses that will encourage the Jury or the Judge to find favorably for VLC Law’s clients.

↢ Appeal ↣

A party can seek review of decisions or verdicts at the trial court level by filing an appeal. Highlighting favorable facts and case law, VLC Law advances persuasive arguments before the appellate courts by presenting exemplary briefs and oral arguments.

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